New leaf-mining moths of the family Nepticulidae from Florida

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1978
Authors:D. R. Davis
Journal:Florida Entomologist
Keywords:Acalyptris bicornutus, Acalyptris tenuijuxtus, Artaversala, Artaversala gilvafascia, Ectoedemia mesoloba, Enteucha basidactyla, Enteucha gilvafascia, Lepidoptera, Microcalyptris bicornutus, Microcalyptris tenuijuxtus, Nepticulidae, New genus, New species, Oligoneura, Oligoneura basidactyla

Two new genera and 5 new species of the leaf-mining family Nepticulidae are described from Florida. Comprising these taxa are Artaversala, new genus, A. gilvafascia, new species, Oligoneura, new genus, O. basidactyla, new species, Microcalyptris bicornutus, new species, M. tenuijuxtus, new species, and Ectoedemia mesoloba, new species. Structural details, critical to the generic and specific recognition of each new taxon, are fully illustrated.

Short Title:Fla. Entomol.
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