Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera) in China, 1. Introduction and Stigmella Schrank feeding on Fagaceae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:E. J. van Nieukerken, Liu Y.
Journal:Tijdschrift voor Entomologie
Date Published:2000-12-01
Keywords:Castanopsis, China, Chrysobalanopsis, Fagaceae, Lepidoptera, Lithocarpus, Nepticulidae, Quercus, Stigmella aladina, Stigmella caesurifasciella, Stigmella castanopsiella, Stigmella chrysopterella, Stigmella circumargentea, Stigmella clisiotophora, Stigmella dentatae, Stigmella egregilustrata, Stigmella fervida, Stigmella fumida, Stigmella kao, Stigmella kumatai, Stigmella kurii, Stigmella kurokoi, Stigmella lithocarpella, Stigmella omelkoi, Stigmella pulla, Stigmella quercifaga, Stigmella valvaurigemmata, Stigmella vandrieli

The Stigmella species feeding on Fagaceae collected in China in 1984 are described and all known East Asian species are reviewed. In total 13 species are recognized: 12 are tentatively grouped in the ruficapitella-group and one in the caesurifasciella-group. The ruficapitella-group includes here also the castanopsiella-group and the suberivora-group. Stigmella kao, S. circumargentea, S. vandrieli and S. lithocarpella are described as new species from Yunnan and S. fumida Kemperman & Wilkinson is also reported from Yunnan. From Heilongjiang four species are reported: S. omelkoi Puplesis, S. fervida Puplesis (on basis of mines only), S. dentatae Puplesis and S. aladina Puplesis. Three new synonyms are proposed: S. quercifaga Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. aladina Puplesis, S. kurii Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. chrysopterella Kemperman & Wilkinson and S. egregilustrata Kemperman & Wilkinson with S. caesurifasciella Kemperman & Wilkinson. S. chrysopterella is tentatively regarded as the female of S. fumida. The collecting localities in China are briefly described and illustrated.

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